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A Burning Man community free of generators
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What is the AEZ?


We don't charge village dues, but we also don't offer any services.


You can't run a fossil fueled generator in the AEZ Village.


Run your own camp, your own way, in a village with lots of like minded burners


Signups for Camping in our Burningman village

Signups are usually available from early March (when tickets go on sale) until we fill up, sometime in late August)

We are asking for all camps to provide a list of everyone in their camp. (No, you don’t HAVE to, but then your campers will never get found by wandering friends.)


We are going to have an area on what ever major corner we get for; Performances, Dances, Hoop Jams and such, that any camp in the AEZ can reserve for an event they want to sponsor, either a daily or one time event.

The form is part of a Google doc and it should just load in any browser, but if you are having problems, please contact



Would you like to contribute to the AEZ for infrastructure improvements and upgrades?


Like a new tarp for the Town Hall. Rebuilding the engine in the truck that houses and hauls the village infrastructure. Improving the platforms on the tower, Upgrades and repairs on the rotating sign, etc…

Please know, this is optional and never required!

Do you want to sign up for a 2 hour time slot to be a  DJ on KAEZ Solar Powered Radio?

Do you have something you want to show off on the Solar Tour?

Do you want to sign up to be a

Tour Guide for the renown AEZ Solar Tour?

Did you know the AEZ has a FaceBook page?


We will be having the traditional Pot Luck Dinner on Tuesday Aug, 30th at 4 fingers, (6:30 P.M. ish)

Bring a dish to share, A plate, utensils, cup, and a chair.


AEZ Tickets Needed List


Registered Camp Sign Up Responses

Email if you need to know something about your sign up

Our Leave No Trace agreement

To have our village, we are required to agree to this.


AEZ Greeter Shift

Typically the shift has been 4 to 8 PM Wednesday.


AEZ Email Signup

Self-Service Subscription Options (vacation hold, unsub, digest etc...) :

Non gmail users can use:

Email List address:

To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to

Burning Man Online Policies for use of groups, aliases, and social media:'s%20Online%20Policies

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